Multistream | Help

How to use the Multistream tool?
This is done with just a few clicks!

1. Enter your desired channel names in the "channelname"-Box.
IMPORTANT: Make sure that the channel name is spelled correctly! If a streamer is called XYZ-1, the - (minus / dash) sign must be added! Without the minus sign, the channel will not be found. You also have to respect upper and lower case.
2. Select the platform on which the streamer can be found.
3. Press "Start Multistream"!
4. A new page will be loaded, which shows your streams.

How to find the stream name?

For Twitch, SmashCast and the following applies:
This is usually always in the URL, which is in your address bar.
You're watching the stream from Hoerli. The address bar now shows e.g.
So the channel name here is hoerli
Twitch URL

YouTube has a similar structure. But there the URL can change with every new stream of the streamer!
A YouTube URL is structured like this: Here mTH8yPp1Fr4 is the username / stream link you need to insert here on the page.
Clear names and YouTube gaming links are currently NOT supported!
The same applies to DailyMotion.
YouTube URL

Now if you want to share your multistream setup with your friends, just copy the link in the address bar and send it to your friends!
They just have to open the link and see the same stream structure as you do.
(The link must start with!)
Hoerli URL

Does the tool work on any device?

We designed the tool so slim that it should work on any HTML5-enabled device.
We tried the tool on PCs, tablets, smartphones and Fire TVs. It works everywhere!
A tip for Fire TV users and TVs with a browser: Uses a mouse if messages should appear in the stream player. This cannot be reached with the remote control.
Hoerli URL